Morris - Mustard
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Digital Design & IT Support


Eldest of the Bacon sons, Morris is Mustard’s up and coming graphic designer, in-house illustrator and website updater. He’s a dab hand with a pen or pencil and produces meticulously-detailed drawings as well as impressive digital illustrations, maps and digital pack shots. Morris is also responsible for managing the work server and performing any required site maintenance.

Away from the studio Morris is a 1st-category racing cyclist for DAP CC. Often logging 300 mile training weeks, you can keep up with Morris’ training here. He has won several road/circuit races such as the Ken Wright Memorial road race and the Lotus league twice. Morris competed in the National Road Championships alongside Mark Cavendish, his best achievement was finishing 6th on the British Elite rider rankings in 2019.

Morris is also an on-call firefighter with Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service, he rides out with the Bungay crew when his alerter goes off! Morris could be attending a house fire or a road traffic collision, at any time of the day (or night). Other interests include running, drawing, cooking, music, travel and some TV shows – Personal favourites are The Sopranos, The Office (UK, obviously), Mad Men and Alan Partridge.