Happy 20th Birthday Mustard! - Mustard
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Happy 20th Birthday Mustard!

Happy 20th Birthday Mustard!

Here at Mustard on 1st April this year (no jokes) we will be celebrating our 20th year in business as Mustard Creative.

The company was set up in 1997 although we had traded under other names previously.

We can hardly believe ourselves that we have been working with some of our existing clients and suppliers for more than 20 years, ie, Andy Janes, then Marketing Director with Muntons plc, came to us first when we were a 2 man band operating as Fore Advertising & Design back in the late 80’s and we are still working with various printers and suppliers ie, Stephen Wolfenden Photographer who we met back in the 80’s too.

Later in the early 90’s we operated as Roger Bacon Design out of our living room in Halesworth and then Harleston when our kids were very small. In those days it wasn’t uncommon for clients to be answered on the telephone by small boys with the response ‘Daddy’s on the toilet’. 

Hopefully the operation is a little more professional now and some of those ‘little’ boys are now working as part of the Mustard team. Mustard & Sons?

Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray! 

(Now, who’s for the birthday bumps?)