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A Thanks from Mustard Down Under

A Thanks from Mustard Down Under

Over the past year or so, we’ve been receiving occasional emails intended for an unrelated design company based in Melbourne Australia called (would you believe) Mustard Creative!

The reason this has happened is that we use the domain mustardcreative.com and our Austalian namesakes use mustardcreative.com.au. Unwittingly, people have been sending emails intended for Australia using our address rather than the .com.au and hence the emails wind up in my inbox.

Whenever these have been received, I have resisted the temptation to read them and forwarded them on the the Australian Mustard with a quick note to say what has happened and copied in the sender. This has been very occasional but, I can see from the subject title, it is often important information which has gone astray.

Last week I received a surprise package from a courier out of the blue. I was not expecting anything from my online bike store so I was imagining who the package was from whilst opening it. Inside the box was a carefully wrapped package containing 3 different, delicious-looking jars of mustard and a Thank You card which, when opened, made me feel an enormous sense of satisfaction and goodwill. It read: DEAR ROGER. GREETINGS FROM DOWN UNDER. THANKS FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD SPORT WITH OUR MISGUIDED EMAILS ETC. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU + MUSTARD UK. FROM MUSTARD AUSTRALIA. DAN PENNY. Such a simple, civilised gesture which has really left its mark and, although I never expected or wanted any praise it was very nice to have my services recognised! Perhaps there is hope for us after all?