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World Password Day 2019


World Password Day 2019

Yes, we know, there is pretty much a day dedicated to anything you can think of, and sometimes, days for things you’ve never even heard about. On the first Thursday of May every year World Password Day takes place, raising awareness of having secure passwords and secure authentication methods.

How to observe world password day

Have a review of your passwords, and how you handle your passwords. Take a moment to reset your passwords to something different – enable two factor authentication if the platform offers it.

Shout about it on social media – let other people know how important having secure passwords is. Find and share some stats for how easily passwords can be guessed, hacked or found.

Laugh at how insecure some passwords really are, and learn that this doesn’t have to be you. Here are the most common hacked passwords in 2018:

  • 123456
  • password
  • 123456789
  • 12345678
  • 12345
  • 111111
  • 1234567
  • sunshine
  • qwerty
  • iloveyou

Why world password day is important

It’s an important check up on your various passwords – the vast majority of our own personal information and communications is made via the Internet – messaging platforms, bank accounts, shopping sites, utility billing and more. Make sure your access is secure and different.

Having foresight into how you manage your passwords is important so that you don’t spend a lot of time resetting them in the future – allowing you to have more time to concentrate on the work in hand.

There are a vast array of technologies out there that help you manage your passwords and hopefully, the days of writing passwords on sticky notes are gone, with lots of low budget or free password managers, this should now be the preferred option for securing your organisations passwords.

It’s all about raising awareness for securing your personal information.

How you can be more secure

Do not reuse the same passwords; using the same password more than once, means that only one account has to be hacked for them to open up all of your other accounts which use the same email address and password combination.

Enable two factor authentication; in all accounts that offer this service, implement it, the extra step takes that little longer, but it also means that the security of your account is increased ten-fold. Two factor authentication tends to be a password and then a second string or number value sent to your phone or email address to confirm.

Use a password manager – one password that rules them all. Remember one password, have access to them all. Password managers like 1Password ( or LastPass ( have master passwords that lets you access all of your other passwords, secure information bank details and more. The set up methods are multiple-factor authentication and to access your account on a new device you need the master password and the secret key.

Read this comic to find out how to create a highly secure password that you will remember with ease, securing the rest of your passwords behind it:

Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 14.22.51Source:

Stop sharing your passwords via emails – start using apps like One Time (, where you can share secure information once, and once the link has been viewed, it disappears forever. This means no more old (and still used) passwords lingering in archived emails.

How will you be celebrating world password day – will you be looking at how you handle sensitive information and improving your security?