Who needs 'pooters? - Mustard
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Who needs ‘pooters?

Who needs ‘pooters?

As a result of high winds (no jokes please) we arrived in the studio yesterday to find we had no electricity. Wot no internet? No phone system. No heating. No coffee. And (help) no computers!

Our backup battery had run it’s course and all connected electronic devices had slowly petered out.

What do we do? Well, we chatted about all sorts of things and put the world to rights. Had a bit of a tidy up. Put the world to rights some more. And Morris did a drawing of his work station.

Before we knew it we were back up and running with leccy restored at 1.15pm as they’d promised. We all went ‘back to work’ and soon the air was thick with the clicking of mouses (or mice!) and the tapping of keyboards, the whir of the laser printer and the ring of landlines.

But a little bit of me had enjoyed our enforced time out. It took me back to ye olde days when Cow Gum, Spray Mount and PMT machines ruled. The days before we started cramming our files onto floppy disks and Syquest cartidges. Then it all changed, apparently for the better.

office drawing 3 (1)