Morris - Mustard
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Print & Digital Designer


Eldest of the Bacon sons, Morris is Mustard’s up and coming graphic designer, in-house Illustrator and website updater. He’s a dab hand with a pen or pencil and produces meticulously-detailed drawings as well as impressive digital illustrations, maps and digital pack shots. Away from the studio Morris is an Elite level road cyclist – A standard week on the bike comprises 300 miles with a mixture of intervals, and often an 80-mile national level road race on the Sunday during the racing season. Morris’s best achievements on the bike so far include 2 regional A road race wins, a National B 3rd place at the Roxwell Rouleur, participating in the National Road Race Championships alongside Mark Cavendish and other world-class pros in the summer of 2018, and being ranked 96th in the country for British Cycling Road & Track in 2018.
Aside from this main passion, other interests include art, reading, music, cooking and travel and TV – Favourite shows are The Sopranos and Mad Men.