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A Prezi for you

A Prezi for you

Prezi is a powerful presentation tool we’re using more and more these days. It’s a great way of showcasing a catalogue or brochure in a more interactive way, on or offline.

We’ve just produced a Prezi for our client Global Leisure Furniture whilst we are in the process of finalising their extensive new printed catalogue. As the artwork is ready but yet to be printed, Prezi is a great solution for the short term and in the longer term provides a dynamic online/digital alternative to a ‘flip book’.

Prezi is a versatile tool, and can be used on all sorts of devices. In keeping with the Global brand ID we opted for a minimal and clean-cut feel to complement the style of the artwork, but there are plenty of different theme templates to choose from. A bonus with Prezi is the ability to download and view a presentation which can be stored remotely – meaning you don’t need an internet connection to view the presentation.

All Prezi’s follow a linear format, i.e. from slide-to-slide, but a good feature is being able to interrupt the sequence at any moment and focus on an area of interest, like a product, for example. You also have the option of a fullscreen presentation, or you can embed a smaller viewer window within a web page. The smooth panning and zooming makes for a really crisp and dynamic viewing experience.

If you think your business could benefit from a Prezi, get in touch with Mustard today!